Why A+Students
If empower our children, we empower ourselves. Give your child all the opportunities you never had.
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The Results of our Work
Do you think you are smarter than a 5 year old? View outstanding videos to find out.
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Making Headlines
View amazing articles of our top students and our CEO, Marlene Mouton published by Sunday Times, Beeld, Parent24, SABC Education and many more.
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In the Spotlight
Must see nationwide interviews with some of our top students and our CEO, Marlene Mouton
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CMATHS Soroban Education
CMATHS is an acronym for the following: Calculating mental arithmetic tuition with the help of a Japanese Soroban
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Education Play Packages
Take advantage of beneficial play products when you choose the package option that is best suited for your child.
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Important Dates/Competitions
Stay updated with all the upcoming events and competitions
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Online Store
A+Students Online offers a wide variety of educational play products which aid in your child’s learning process.
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Courses & Packages
CMATHS presents our new A+Students product line:
CMATHS Ancient Japanese Soroban Education
Educational Play Products
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At school we write it, at A+Students we play it!

"Learning mathematics needs to be fun" Research has shown that fun is not only beneficial to learning, but is required for authentic learning and long-term memory. In the book Research-Based Strategies to Ignite Student Learning, neurologist and educator Judy Willis said: "The human brain and body respond positively to laughter with the release of endorphin, epinephrine, and dopamine, and with increased breathing volume.” Sunday Times 24 May 2015


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28 Students represented South Africa.

We are extremely proud of our Students!

It is with great excitement that we returned from the Unites States of America after competing at the 15th Pan Pacific Abacus and Mental Arithmetic (PAMA) competition. December 2015 marked the best results ever achieved by our “A+Students by CMATHS” compared to the past 8 years of participation.

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